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About Us


san·gri·a (san grē′ə) noun; innovative lifestyle accessories with an emphasis on fresh designs and earth friendly materials; a tangy citrus infused wine punch with origins in sunny coastal spain


For ten years I made a living as an executive in the retail industry, buying and merchandising the finest clothing and accessories from the best names in the industry. Motherhood changed things. Instead of spending my days searching for perfect outfits and to-die-for accessories, I found myself combing through boutiques and catalogues for quality jewelry and accessories that looked great and didn’t break the bank.

Even more surprising than watching myself move into a world of Sesame Street and Sam-I-Am was realizing how much I loved my new full time job as the mother of five. I never expected that the joy of creating colorful and comfortable spaces for my kids would bring me back to my love of design and fashion. Finding a creative outlet again would prove to be a joy that helped me find the balance in my life.

I quickly discovered, however, that the price of most trend setting jewelry designs seemed far less thrilling. As a mother and a retail veteran, I recognized the need for quality jewelry that was both stylish and affordable. I grew increasingly more frustrated with overblown prices, waning quality and limited selections.

And so, once upon a time, Sangria was born.

Sangria was created in an attempt to offer an eclectic collection of high quality jewelry and accessories sourcing all of the highest quality materials from the most reputable manufacturers and artisans. We handpick items specifically designed to endure the rigors of daily life while maintaining a timeless appeal. At Sangria, we are committed to providing both imaginative styles and classic designs which are comfortable and good-looking. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Stacy Perry

Founder and CEO